Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "More Equal" One

As I watch NDTV/CNN-IBN & Other So called "Better Channels" in the mess of News channels on My TV, one things that comes to my mind. Is it their owner's personal agenda that the channels carry? Are the views aired on the channels concocted?

Lets look at the Example one by one.

1. Discussion on Varun Gandhi- Ravish Kumar to a BJP Spokesperson "Just Answer the question- Why dont u pronounce VG Guilty? After all he has given hate speech!! Spokesperson- "Are u/me the one who would pronounce VG Guilty? We say the tape is doctored.. Why should i pronounce him guilty? Has the court pronounced him guilty?" And here was when our dear News Reader started to blow his lid off BJP. When someone asked why don't we also take cognizance of Congress & Other Muslim Leaders Making such inflammatory speeches, his answer was "Our concern here is Varun Gandhi and no one else"!!

Analysis- We all know the lineage of Pronoy Roy. A man who married Brinda Karat's Sister and has severe leanings with Congress and Left. Do I doubt his credibility? Yes. For all he has achieved in Media. His reports are biased to the core. And he has a bunch of Irresponsible and arrogant Journalists led by Goodness Gracious Barkha Dutt who put the security of People in Jeopardy during 26/11 attacks in lieu of her coverage. And After that she had the balls to come into columns and try and defend her act by saying "We never invaded in the privacy"? Ms. Dutt.. Before lecturing us on Democracy, first try and be a responsible citizen...
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2. Discussion on Mayaben Kodnani-

"CNN IBN Reporter- Sir.. Now that Maya Kodnani has been proved guilty! Would you please remover her from govt? BJP Spokesman -" But where has been proved guilty?" Reporter - "Today the court gave such strong Remarks against her! Why are u still not accepting?" Spokesperson - "Why are u putting words in my mouth.. I have told my views that she has been asked to resign pertaining judicial process.. Why should i pronounce her guilty.. Have congress leaders been asked to be guilty for 1984 Riots"?
Reporter - "Why are u digging out old dead cases?" Spokesman " For that matter isnt gujrat being dug out?" Reporter " See... U got defensive"

Analysis- We know Raghav Behl's Credentials. He is supposed to be india's beiggest power broker of Indian Media. The fact that INC appointed him to investigate Godhra Train burning incident and his report was criticized by the Court for being factually incorrect brings to light his credentials.
While I do agree that Gujarat riots have been a bad phase, the constant rhetoric of media post 2002 has been an amazing story in itself. Through selective thinking process, they have chosen to forget 1984, bhagalpur and other riots. But they chose to remember every act by a person who has done something amazing in the state of Gujarat. I have been to the state and I can say very openly, that despite of being a growth oriented state from beginning, Modi has changed the attitude of Administration. For all we say about him, the admin is corruption free and one of the most efficient in India. And they themselves attribute it to Modi. And for all the elitist Media can cry, people vote for him, because its u who have made a hero out of him. And its u who have made a hero out of Varun Gandhi

The gist of my thought is to question the credibility of Media. They should be telling me the facts. Not distort them. They shouldnt be putting words in my mouth. They way they do right now. For they are not gods.. But probably one of the most corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible vertical of the democracy.