Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally.. Me..

The ultra super, self professed intellectual, who probably stands at his quarter life crisis situation has accepted the virtue that his mind needs to be read by others and that, He by no virtue on earth is superior than others. The Holier than thou attitude of his was probably a way to fancy others so that no one knows how rotten he is from inside. Quite similar to the idea of Not writing blogs, so that others wont figure out that he too is capable of writing quite a rotten form of English with Millions of Mistakes in one sentence. But today.. Captain O Captain- I surrender.

Hence, I define this blog-

What it is-
It is a blog of a person who is-

1. A management graduate- Hence you shall expect a lot of gas and self professed knowledge. A box full of Jargons half of which he himself would not know and would try to argue out with you that "It has the Right Fit in the sentence"

2. A Finance Professional- Expect a lot of "Chindipan" and number gyaan from me.

3. A Politician and a Critic of Politician From inside- Just like Brecht's Theory of Alienation.. I exist as one and i criticize the one.

4. A highly confused Man- Who doesn't know and claims that he knows..

5. A Lesser Mortal- I am just like you.. But far far superior.. ( I said i have a holier than thou attitude)

6. A Big Thinker, A big Talker and A big Dreamer- Thats a deadly combination.

Once upon a time, My roomie in B-School had a bet with his friend. If I am woken up at midnight and given ten random words and asked to give random gyaan on each for 1 Min. it would be the best talk ever.. I still have the video.. And dude.. I am goddamn the best Gyaani (:-P)

What I am Not

1. A person with Identity Crisis- I have loads of identities and all of them are pretty strong. A politician, a theater artist. A writer.. A Corporate Consultant. A brother.. A lover.. A friend.. Cant count..

2. A writer- Its just a misnomer.. So don't cry when u get bored.

3. A Cry Baby- I dont cry on every small Thing that goes wrong around me.

4. God- I dont and i should not be held responsible for everything

What this Blog is

1. My frustration

2. My Gyaan

3. My Mis- Gyaan

4. My Aspiration

5. My loneliness

6. Everything that it appears to be

What this Gyaan Is not

1. A general Knowledge Page- Google uncle is still the best

2. A page for venting ur frustrations- Mine is enough for this poor little HTML Code to handle

3. Unsolicited Advices will not be entertained- Everyone around me has enough for me.. New ones will create more troubles.

Why Johney Walker- Keep Walking- You shall find out.

And Enough of Leading. I shall walk with others now.. Its interesting.

So this blog essentially has one rule- Like my 1 Min Gyaan sessions-

Tell me a topic- And you will have a blog around it. Now please- If u intend to Copy it and post it as ur gyaan, be it in ur B-school/Non B-School assignments or in ur office mails/Forwards, U are free to do that. But i dont guarantee any authenticity neither will I allow my Shoulders for Crying if you flunk ur papers due to the facts /Mis Facts published here.

With this- I shall open the forum


H. Johney Walker.



An Analyst's Repose said...

Hello.. lets have some gyan around Venture Capital Financing of new and potential ideas and its legal implications.. I am sure this is one topic which might soon be useful...

Johney Walker said...

Sure.. Let me have some material Posted on it.. In the meanwhile.. here is some on literature!! :P

Dheeraj Goyal said...

Wow !!

A literary Treat ..

I have already set it as my Homepage..

Keep the bakkar flowing ..